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Commander - Angstridden Ira Tenax - Dark Awakening Grand Massive - Houses Of The Unholy Vhäldemar - Sanctuary Of Death Aoryst - Relics Of Time Final Cry - Zombique (reissue) Extinct - Incitement Of Violence Battlecreek - Maze Of The Mind Fatal Fire - Arson Stormhunter - Best Before: Death Drain Down - Toxic Society Hades - Exist To Resist (rerelease) Abyss Of Hel - Into The Abyss Headshot - ...Makes Us Survive! Savage Blood - Wheel Of Time Welcome To Pleshiwar - Apostasy Sarlic Bliss - Brægn Hæft Helgrindur - Helgrindur Corrosive - Wrath Of The Witch Patriarchs In Black - My Veneration Verderbnis - Paria Battlesword - Failing In Triumph Paradise Lost - Draconian Times MMXI Servant - Aetas Ascensus Sculforge - Intergalactic Battle Tunes All Life Ends - Miscreation Bosparans Fall - Götterspiele: Dunkle Zeiten Astrophyte - 2192 Paradise Lost - Tragic Illusion 25 Parity Boot - Fast Forward Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi Intöxicated - Sadistic Nightmares Morgoth - Feel Sorry For The Fanatic Crack Up - Blood Is Life (+Demo) Gorguts - From Wisdom To Hate Caedeous - Malem Supplicium Jag Panzer - The Age Of Mastery Deimos Dawn - Anthem Of The Lost Dystersol - Anaemic Lankester Merrin - Dark Mother Rises Wardress - Metal 'til the end Asphagor - Pyrogenesis Disminded - The Vision Terrible Sickness - Flesh for the Insatiable Soul Grinder - Anthems From The Abyss Mandragora Thuringia - Rex Silvarum Nocturnis - Unsegen Cassius King - Dread The Dawn Disgusting Perversion - Remember Me Headshot - Eyes Of The Guardians Mastic Scum - Icon Vermocracy - Age Of Dysphoria Fall Of Carthage - Drawn Into Madness Battlesword - Towards The Unknown Stormwitch - Stronger Then Heaven Stormwitch - The Beauty And The Beast Shatter Messiah - Hail The New Cross Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World Nevermore - The Politics Of Extasy Gates Of Ishtar - At Dusk And Forever Gates Of Ishtar - The Dawn Of Flames The Gathering - Nighttime Birds The Gathering - Mandylion Reternity - Cosmic Dreams Serpents In Paradise - Temptation Patriarchs In Black - Reach For The Scars Goldsmith - Of Sound And Fury Dark Tranquillity - Construct Furnace - Stellarum Corrosive - Death As A Process SDI - Satans Defloration Incorporated Poltergeist - Behind My Mask Poltergeist - Depression Cyphonism - Cosmic Voidance Vāmācāra - Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed Dark Tranquillity - Yesterworlds Dragonbreed - Necrohedron Rise Of Kronos - Council Of Prediction Final Cry - The Ever-Rest Desultory - Into Eternity Desultory - Bitterness Stormwitch - Tales Of Terror Bone Gnawer - Feast Of Flesh Bone Gnawer - Primal Cuts Servant - Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Stars Sentinal Beast - Depths Of Death Adiant - Killing Dreams Morgoth - Ungod Moonspell - The Great Silver Eye Caradras - Schattenkönige Fear Connection - Progeny Of A Social Disease Stagewar - Danger To Ourselves Fearancy - Daeominium Abomination - Abomination Dead Sun - Collection Of Past Remains Ceremony - Passage Ceremony - Ceremony Of Oppositives Suidakra - Wolfbite Iron Cross - Iron Cross (Rerelease) Grave - Hating Life (Rerelease) Tragedy And Triumph - Where Mountains Rise and Hearts Fall Soul Grinder - Lifeless Obsession (EP) Darkfall / Mortal Strike - Thrashing Death Squad (Split) Helstar - Nosferatu Helstar - A Distant Thunder SDI - Mistreated The Everdawn - Poems - Burning The Past Exodus - Another Lesson in Violence Stormwitch - Eye Of The Storm Emerald - Iron On Iron Aeonblack - The Time Will Come Saprobiontic - Apocalyptic Retribution Rottrevore - Iniquitous Exarsis - Sentenced To Life SuidAkrA - Lupine Essence Naglfar - Pariah Strydegor - Isolacracy Borknagar - For The Elements Tiamat - Commandments SDI - Sign Of The Wicked Disgusting Perversion - Eternity Of Death Skeleton Pit - Lust To Lynch Angelus Apatrida - Clockwork Act Of Creation - The Uncertain Light Suicide Of Society - War Investment Vhäldemar - Straight To Hell Ascian - Elysion Reternity - A Test Of Shadows Maahes - Reincarnation Isiulusions - I - Follow The Flow Nuclear Warfare - Lobotomy Soul Grinder - Chronicles Of Decay Pessimist - Holdout Erebos - The Chaos Crucifixion Hyems - Anatomie des Scheiterns Unleashed - Victory Unleashed - Shadows In The Deep Grave - You'll Never See VIROCRACY - Irradiation ARCAINE - As Life Decays WARPED CROSS - Rumbling Chapel SDI - 80s Metal Band BEAST OF DAMNATION - Dawn Of The Beast VAMPYROMORPHA - Herzog BATTLESWORD - And Death Cometh Upon Us SUIDAKRA - Echoes Of Yore SPITEFUEL - Flame To The Night DISSORTED - The Final Divide IN SANITY - Welcome To The Show ANDRALLS - Bleeding For Thrash WHO BROUGHT THE DOG - No World Order DRAWN BY EVIL - Another Sin, Another Life BLACK MOOD - Toxic Hippies II HYMNS OF THE UNDERGROUND V BALEFUL ABYSS - Death Propaganda OUT OF ORDER - Facing The Ruin RETERNITY - Facing The Demon PSYCHOTOOL - Rotten Paradise KINGBÉAST - Straps Of Wrath DELIRIUM - Urkraft CORROSIVE - Nourished By Blood VARGSHEIM - Söhne der Sonne EREBOS - Heretic THORMESIS - The Sixth DYING EMBERS - Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen REALMS OF ODORIC - Third Age CTULU - Cultus In Tenebris EP FABULOUS DESASTER - Off With Their Heads GODSKILL - The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood MADOG - Raven DORNENKÖNIG - Hell ONE LAST LEGACY - II MINDREAPER - Mirror Construction ASPHAGOR - The Cleansing SPITEFUEL - Dreamworld Collapse COMMANDER - Fatalis FALL OF CARTHAGE - Emma Green GROTESQUERY - The Lupine Anathema REALMS OF ODORIC - Second Age CORROSIVE - Lucifer Gave The Faith Funebre - Children Of Scorn ASPHODELOS - Five Rivers Of Erebos EXARSIS - New War Order DARKFALL - At the End Of Times TERRIBLE OLD MAN - Funghi From Yuggoth NUCLEAR WARFARE - Empowered By Hate ODIUM - As The World Turns Black DARKFALL - Road To Redemption (Rerelease) NOCTE OBDUCTA - Totholz HYMNS OF THE UNDERGROUND IV SPITEFUEL - Second To None THORMESIS - Trümmerfarben FALL OF CARTHAGE - The Longed For Reckoning REALMS OF ODORIC - Realms Of Odoric CTULU - Ctulu ACROSS THE BURNING SKY - The End Is Near PESSIMIST - Call To War (Rerelease) KYZON - Spotlight WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE - Back From The Dead HYMNS OF THE UNDERGROUND III NOCTE OBDUCTA - Mogontiacum DEMENTIA - Dreaming In Monochrome SOILID - Into The Ruins CTULU - Sarkomand (Rerelease) DEMIGOD - Slumber Of Sullen Eyes RAW - Battalion Of Demons WAR AGENDA - Night Of Disaster HATRED - War Of Words TERRIBLE OLD MAN - Cosmic Poems EXARSIS - The Human Project KAIN - Seele FALL OF CARTHAGE - Behold BONJOUR TRISTESSE - Par Un Sorire THORMESIS - Freier Wille, Freier Geist NOCTURNAL - Arrival of the Carnivore (Rerelease) VARGSHEIM - Träume der Schlaflosen SLUGLORD - Transmutation NUCLEAR WARFARE - Just Fucking Thrash HROPTATYR - Hroptatyr VEHEMENZ - Vehemenz EP ASENBLUT - Von Worten und Taten

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